Notification of dividend payment

Insurance Industry Investment Company has a thorough and reasonable analysis of choice Optimal investment opportunities


History of Insurance Industry Investment Company

The investment company of the insurance industry (public joint stock company) was registered in the Register of Companies and Industrial Property of Tehran on December 31, 1996 under No. 121918. The application for admission to the Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) was approved by the board of directors on 10/07/1377. From the date of 5/2/1378, the name of the company was in the group “Investments and financial intermediaries” and with the symbol ” WebMay “was listed as the 288th listed on the list of exchange rates.

The main activity of the company

The subject of the main activities of the company in accordance with article (3) of the articles of association is as follows:

۱٫ Investment in shares, equity shares, fund units or other voting rights of companies, institutions or investment funds with the aim of acquiring profits so that they alone or with their affiliated entities control the company, the institution Either the investment fund is not invested in or does not gain significant influence.

۲- Investing in other securities that normally do not have the right to vote and do not give the owner the ability to choose the manager or publisher’s control.

Company capital

The initial capital of the company amounted to 45,000 million rials divided by 45 million shares of 1,000 rials, which has so far increased in seven steps, and at present the company’s capital amounts to 750,000 million rials.

The total number of shareholders at the end of December 1397 was 25,361.