Notification of dividend payment

Insurance Industry Investment Company has a thorough and reasonable analysis of choice Optimal investment opportunities

Annual general meeting for the fiscal year ending June 31, 1397

Announcement of the invitation to the Annual General Meeting for the financial year ending June 13, 1397, the Insurance Industry Investment Company (Public Company) with the registration number 121918 and the National ID 10101654220

A. Time and place of the General Assembly:

All shareholders, a lawyer or legal representative of the shareholder, as well as a representative or representatives of legal entities, are invited to attend the general meeting of the company, which will be held at 10:00 on Wednesday, 12/13/2012, at the Sheikh Bahayi-Shahr Street Valfajr – Iran Science Department – Ninth Avenue – Plate 6 is held at the Amfit Theater Hall of the Industrial Management Organization.

B. Meeting agenda:

Audit of the report of the board of directors and the legal inspector.

Approval of the financial statements for the financial year ended May 31, 1397

Selection of auditor and legal inspector

Choosing a large newspaper

Determination of the right of non-executive members of the board of directors

Determining the remuneration of the board of directors

other items


Making a decision on the distribution of profits and other matters that fall within the competence of the general assembly.