Notification of dividend payment

Insurance Industry Investment Company has a thorough and reasonable analysis of choice Optimal investment opportunities

Ordinary General Assembly, 1392

It is hereby announced that the General Assembly of the Annual General Meeting (the second turn) was formed by the shareholders of the Insurance Industry Investment Company (Joint Stock Company) on 11/11/2013. The summary of the decisions of the Assembly is as follows:

General Annual General Meeting Decisions:

a) The financial statements for the financial year ended 31/13/2012 were approved.

b) The audit firm was selected as the principal auditor and auditor of the company for the fiscal year 93.

c) The Information and Economy World Newspaper was selected as a mass-media newspaper for the listing of companies in the fiscal year-93.

d) The right to attend non-executive members of the Board of Directors for the amount of 7,000,000 Rials (Gross) was approved.

e) Cash profit of each share is divided into 50 rials.

f) 250 Million Rials (Gross) were approved by the Board of Directors as rewards.

g) The following board members were elected for 2 years and as follows:

– Central Insurance of Iran

– Iran Insurance Company

– Insurance Development Company

– The Pension Fund of the Central Insurance Employees of the Islamic Republic of Iran

– Fund for Loss Insurance