Notification of dividend payment

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Ordinary General Assembly 2014

Hereby informs that the annual general meeting of the shareholders of the investment company of the insurance industry (joint-stock company) was established for the financial year ended 31/13/2014 on 09/10/2012. The summary of the decisions of the Assembly is as follows:

General Annual General Meeting Decisions:

a) The financial statements of the company and the report of the board of directors were reviewed and approved by the assembly.

b) Raimand and colleagues audited as the legal inspector and auditor of the company, and the Audit and Accounting Services Authority of Aban Account were selected as the Inspector.

c) The Information and Economy World Newspaper was chosen as a massive newspaper for listing companies.

d) The right to attend non-executive members of the Board of Directors for the amount of 7,000,000 Rials was approved for at least 2 meetings per month.

e) Dividend dividends for each share of 8 Rials (total 6,000,000,000 Rials). The General Assembly, following an opinion from the members present at the meeting and based on the majority of votes and the observance of the legal basis for the transaction, entered into Article 129 of the Commercial Code.