Notification of dividend payment

Insurance Industry Investment Company has a thorough and reasonable analysis of choice Optimal investment opportunities

Board of Directors and Managing Director of Insurance Industry Insurance Company


Amir Hossein Farsi

Deputy Chairman of the Board


Mohammad Hashem zadeh

Member of the Board

حمید سوری - عضو هیئت مدیره

Hamid Soori

 member of board

 First and Last NameAgentJobDegrees
1Amir Hossein FarsiThe Pension Insurance Fund of the Central Insurance Employees of JHADeputy Chairman of the BoardMaster of Science in Financial Management
2Mohammad Hashem zadeCentral Insurance AgencyMember of the BoardMaster of Public Administration
3Hamid SooriDevelopment and civil insurance Co. (Ltd) Member of boardBachelor of Accounting